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Are you at risk for an online attack?
Take this quiz for your own good!

1. How many websites do you use that allow you to make online buddies (like this one)?
0 (I`m not a member on this one, or any other like it.)
2. Have you EVER shared your name on an website?
First name ONLY
Last name ONLY
At least once(it doesn`t matter how many times, once its out there, its out there)
NEVER!!!(I highlight NEVER because sharing your name once means it could be shared to someone bad)
3. Where do you get your website buddies?
HeLLO? I don`t go on those buddy websites!
I have none
They`re my friends who got accounts.
I find them online.
4. How many online buddies do you give your number, address, or school to?
I don`t. (this means youve NEVER GIVEN IT OUT!)
Once. Or twice.
More than five times.
I lost count.
5. If people have screennames such as `Mickeymouseluvr`, would you trust them?
No way, people do that to gain trust.
No, I`m a little nervous
Yea, why not? Id never give out any personal info.
Yeah, its probably some teen.
6. Would you trust me as a helper-quiz-writer? I swear to god, I`m not bad.
No, that`s just what a stalker would say!
No, you already told me not to.
Yeah! You`re helping me out here!
Yeah, sure, I`m up for anyone who loves twilight!
7. How old are you?
I`m not going to give that away.
8. If you hooked up with someone on the internet, and they asked you to date them for real life, what would you do?
No! I don`t care if he`s hot! It`s too risky!
No, my mom wouldn`t let me.
Yes! I`ve been chatting with him/her for years!
Ya! They`re HOT!
9. If someone asked for you to be their buddy, and their picture was a cute your age girl/boy, would you trust them?
No, those photos are easy to get of family members and on the internet!
No, real guys like that don`t play the guitar at my age.
Yeah, people take their pictures all the time while doing something important.
He`s totally cute!
10. If you are suspicious, pm me. OK?
No. I don`t trust you.
Yeah, I completely trust you after you helped me with my problem.

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Created on:2/17/2009 7:06:26 PM
Made by:itwilight

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