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What kind of assassin are you  quiz. Are you a silent close  slient ranged  swift close  swift ranged  or just a hulking brute who would only make one mission    e Make a quiz or personality test and send it to your friends! Quiz Search:
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What kind of assassin are you?
Are you a silent close, slient ranged, swift close, swift ranged, or just a hulking brute who would only make one mission? (e)

1. Would you have...?
A knife for quick kills
A hammer for brutish fighting
A rifle for ranged cover
Your own two fists will solve any problem
2. How would you take down your target?
I would stab him then vanish before anyone realized what happened
I would smash them into oblivion!!!1!
I would kill the target and anyone who gets in my way on the way out
I would snipe them
3. Would you...?
Blow up the whole place (yourself included)
Slash or stab the target while he or she was alone
Nail them right in between the eyes (oh yeah i`m so smooth)
4. Your in a jam fighting 5 people at one time What do you do?
Take them all out in the blink of an eye
Run and knock any pedestrians into their way
smash em all in one fell swoop
Plead and beg for you life then drop a smoke bomb and disappear (snipe them later they are soo dead)
5. What do you do before taking a mission?
polish my knife collection and take ol` faithful with me (that`s the knife you kill with)
Crush 100 watermelons for practice
Target aquired (what you finished the mission before your source finished talking!?)
Target practice with convicts
6. What soda would you drink to celebrate after a kill
Drink...? *cuts soda in half*
Root beer it calms my nerves
Why would i drink a soda?
7. What pet would you have?
Cats they are soo quiet and so stealthy
Dogs they love making noise!
Eagles they are fast and vigilent
A fish... no idea why i said fish
Can i have some root beer?
8. Can you climb like a monkey?
Only when i need to...
No i just break the door (or wall down)
When i`m runnin like h***
Only to reach good sniper positions

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Created on:11/6/2007 9:36:50 PM
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