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Which excellent personality trait do you have?
Find out what people see in you.

1. Lets just say you took $20 from your moms purse without her permission to buy hair dye for a friend, the next day she asks you about the $20 dollars, what do you say??
You tell her that you took the $20 and told her exactly what you spent it on.
You told her that you took the $20 but said that you had to use it to pay for a school field trip..
You put on the innocent act & tell her you were taking $5 for lunch but accidently took $20 instead.
You say you have no idea what happened to the money.
2. There`s a $20 video game at a store that you really want but your mom says you`ll have to earn it for her to buy it. What extent would you go to, to get the game?
I would babysit for a week, polish the floors, do all the housework & anything else she wants.
Wash the dishes & vaccume for a week.
Keep your room tidy & make your bed for three days.
Forget it, It`s just a $20 video game anyway.
3. You are wearing your faverout outfit but all of your friends think it looks terrible, what do you do?
Tell them you love the outfit & you don`t really care if they don`t like it.
Tell them you only ever wear it when all your other clothes are in the wash, just as an excuse.
Pretend that it was a birthday present from your aunty, laugh, and never wear it around them again!!
Pretend you just came back from a fancy dress party, dressed as a dork. And burn up the outfit.
4. You`re friend`s having a big party & you were looking forward to it, but you feel really depressed, what do you do?
Don`t go to the party, and sit at home crying for an hour instead :( I feel so sad...
Go to the party but take it easy.
Have a couple energy drinks, put on a fake smile and go to the party.
Take some anti-depressants, watch some comedy tv, put on your party clothes & go party!!
5. When you`re hypo you....
Go wild!! Run a muck, sing some Britney Spears, Organize a crazy activity & scream for joy!!
Have fun, get up on the table and dance with friends.
Sing your faverout song, have a couple drinks or go for a jog, nothing to embarrasing!
Read a book & try to go to sleep, I don`t wanna look like a maniac!!
6. You`re having a pizza party with five different pizzas, vegetarian, the lot, seafood, hawiian & meat lovers, you decide to have...
I only paid for half a pizza so I`ll have four pieces
I`m really hungry & I feel like hawiian, so I`ll make sure I get that whole pizza!!
I might try vegitarian & seafood stacked together like a sandwich, just to be different!
Whatever I feel like at the time, probably a bit of everything.
Isn`t this supposed to be a pizza PARTY?? I would turn up the music and start dancing with a pizza!!
7. Will you rate or comment on this quiz?
Yeah. I don`t see why not.
Of course! I am entitled to my oppinion.
If I like my given result.
Maybe, Maybe not. It all depends on how I feel.
Yah!! I`m gonna vote and make a totally insane comment!! Hehehe :D

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