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.Are you as smart as your computer?
Well, are you as smart as your computer?

1. What does, OMG mean?
Oh My G-d!
Oh My Gosh!
Oh Man! Go!
Oh My Golly!
Oh Miss Grelta!
Omg, is a word!
2. What does TTYL mean?
Talk To You Later!
Timmy Turner Yaks-up Limba-beans!
Twinkle Toes Yowl Loudly!
Tore The Yellow Lab!
Ttyl, is a word!
3. What does BRB mean?
Bring Root Beer!
Big Rooster Bottoms!
Be Right Back!
Back Roof Back!
Brb. is a word!
4. What does TY mean?
Tie Yours!
Short for Try!
Tinny Yodles!
Thank You!
Ty, is a word!
5. What does MYL mean?
Short for Mile!
Mail You Later!
My Yak Lied!
More Yelling Liars!
Myl, is a word!
6. What are the two computer groups?
Mac and PC!
Mac and Reddwood!
PC and Appal!
Appal and Reddwood!
There are no computer groups!
7. What is the name of the Search engine on most tool bars?
Shiney Search!
Power Find!
There is only one search engine!
8. What three of these are all internets?
Internet Explorer, Mozilla FireFox, and Camper Net
Netscape Navigator, Camper Net, Internet Explorer
Mozilla FireFox, Internet Explorer, Netscape Navigator
Camper Net, Mozilla FireFox, Internet Explorer
Non of the above!

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Created on:5/16/2009 12:40:09 PM
Made by:youngs

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