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Are you as booooooored as me? xD
I was boooored xD

1. What are you doing at the time?
a window? O.o
Music ^^
2. Hmmm... sooo.. when I write girl, you think? (be creative)
glasses O.o
I`ve got hair in my tomatosoup!!! O.O
nah, not you again... -.-``
3. Soo... when I say, (oh, write*) boy, what do you think about?
Potato =P
Cola O.O
lipgloss :O
4. Teddyyyyy!!!!
bear!! ^^
you`re wierdooooo O.o
Mee ^^
5. Have you eaten breakfast?
Why? O.o
Yep! I eated corny (i don`t know what it is but anyway) milk, sanwich........
I ate some yes...
naaa... too boooored...
A staaar... oooo =O
6. okey... now I`m tooo booored to go on with this... so, bye ^.-
See yaaaaa!!! ^^
but, but, but... Im BOOOOOOOOOOOOREEEEED!!!! -.-``
bye see ya ^.- luv you. bibi ^.-
ntaaawwii... I wanna talk with you some more... ;_;
okey ^.- bibi ^^

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Created on:2/18/2009 6:00:02 AM
Made by:runous_lyric

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