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Are you as beautiful real as you say you are    quiz. ThiS iS dEdIcAtEd To Marilyn Monroe  amp  Mariana ILY  i vE BeeN iNsPiREd BY tHE tRuE bEUaTy ThAt SuRrOuNdS mE     quot Make a quiz or personality test and send it to your friends! Quiz Search:
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Are you as beautiful/real as you say you are???
ThiS iS dEdIcAtEd To Marilyn Monroe & Mariana(ILY*)i'vE BeeN iNsPiREd BY tHE tRuE bEUaTy ThAt SuRrOuNdS mE..*_"

1. If your friend was wearinq a beautiful dress and she asked for your opinion?(she looks better than you)
Would you tell her she looks amazinq
would you tell her it looks ugly to take it off
2. would you lie to someone if they were wearinq somethinq ugly?j(just to make yourself look better)
yea !!!duhhh
3. Do you think your beautiful in and out?
no im fugly:(
im sexii,hawt,gorgous, wat are you thinkinq??
4. Would you lie to someone knowinq that you love them ,you told them that you found someone else?
no i`d rather fall to know im alone without the one i love...
i would say forget u cuz i can replace that person easily
idk???im in shock...
5. are you 2 face?
6. Would you die knowinq you were happy the way you are?
yeah because i truely fell i found or i;l find that happiness
no because there somethinqs i still want to do
im not qoinq to die:) im 2 pretty
7. Ask your self do you know who you are?
im myself i do mistake and no one should judge me, dont like it ,i dont need nobody`s persion
yeah im cute,pretty im me myself i am incredible
8. can you admit your perfect or imperfect?
im imperfect and theres nothinq wronq because thats how i was made
im perefect i think? but either way im perfect for my world
9. well last question( hope you like what you qot and dont qet mad if you qet somethinq you dont like)
its kk btw the quiz is nice
okay hurry idc wat you qotta say
fine w.e
kk see ya

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Created on:7/30/2009 12:18:35 PM
Made by:nely07

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