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Are you arrogant  quiz. This quiz will tell you if you re arrogant  Many people don t realize that they re arrogant because they re too arrogant already  This quiz will be competly honest with you Make a quiz or personality test and send it to your friends! Quiz Search:
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Are you arrogant?
This quiz will tell you if you're arrogant. Many people don't realize that they're arrogant because they're too arrogant already. This quiz will be competly honest with you!

1. Are you arrogant?
I`m too perfect to be arrogant!
Yes, and I`m proud of it!
I`m trying to fix it.
That`s what you`re supposed to tell me!
Probably. I stink at everything else.
2. Are you fat?
No, I`m too perfect to be fat.
I`m beautiful and don`t you forget it!
Sort of.
I`m the fattest person ever!!!
I don`t know. (You can take my fat quiz to find out!)
3. Has anyone ever called you arrogant?
A bully
My parents
Nearly everyone, but that can`t be true because I`m P-E-R-F-E-C-T!
A few people have.
No one, but they do say that my self esteem needs a boost.
4. On a scale of 1-10, how perfect are you?
20! I`m amazing!
10. Perfect!
8-9. Basically perfect.
5-7. Not perfect, but not awful either.
4 or less. I`m awfully awful!
5. Are you smart?
Oh, yes. For your information, I was on the honor roll THREE years in a row! (Me: What sass!)
I`m SO dumb!!
6. What are you good at?
Nearly everything
A little over half the things that I try.
A few things.
Nothing/ Almost nothing.
7. Do you have any equals?
No. Way. Do not offend me again! (Me: Who gave them the sassy juice?)
One. Maybe two.
It`s about 50/50.
God created everyone equally!
No. Everybody`s better than me.
8. Imagine that you woke up one morning and you were suddenly ugly. What would you do?
Begin to weep bitterly. Now, you are like everyone else.
Take out some super make-up. Time to restore your beautiful self!
You brace yourself for having to tell the same story 20,000 times.
Think, “Oh well. It`s inner beauty that counts.”
I`m already ugly.
9. When you enter a room, what do you do?
Announce my arrival and, with a crown on my head, greet my adoring subjects.
Fluff my hair and grandly enter.
Wind up talking to my friends.
Come in and get the job done.
Keep my head lowered and botch the job.
10. Do you like to voice your opinions?
Of course! Everyone wants to know a perfect person`s opinions!
Yes. And they`re all right, obviously!
Only if someone asks a specific question.
I don`t have opinions.
11. Did you like this quiz? (Won`t affect your score.)
Not sure.
12. Will you rate or comment? (Also won`t affect your score.)
Not sure

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Created on:7/23/2015 10:09:54 AM
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