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What army man are you
Your just a privite

1. Your army just receved an airraid, What do you do
Get in your plane and shoot the crap out of them
Stand around waiting for them to come back THEN shoot the crap out of them
Get out bazokaz and tanks and giant guns and shoot them from the ground
2. The Chinees come break down your station door, what do you do
fire at will
Throw a gernade and tell your troops to get out of there(Chinese can`t under stand you member)
3. you are under interigation by the Chinese and they forgot to disarme you(idiots)what do you do
Whip out an M16 and say "Bonvoyage"
Dont say anything
Dive out the nearest window
Throw a Gernade and die like a hero should
4. your best gunman died in battle, what do you do to honor him
Bury him with the gun he died in battle with
nothing (your a jerk man, jerk)
5. The Chinees made a sudden attack and your army isnt prepared what happens
You let your army die
seek some thing resembeld to a bomb shelter
Take to the air and fight
6. your whole army died what do you do
Drop nuces on who ever attacked you
throw a gernade on your self
Fight till death
7. you`ve just surenderad a battle what do you do
keep fighting
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Created on:5/13/2007 8:15:38 PM
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