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Are You Anything Like I Am?
How much are we alike? (e)

1. Ok, you`re on a crazy amusement ride, what are you saying?
OMG!!! OMG!!!
*Just pretty much nothin*
2. Do you have a favorite color?
It kinda depends...
Yes, it`s always the same color...
I like all colors/matching colors...
3. (This is kinda stupid buuut...) Are you creative?
Any1 can be creative!
No not @ all!
Yea, sometimes..
omg, ALL the time..
4. Do you like music?
I listen to it when I can...
I LOVE music!
I don`t like music...
Yea, I like it!
5. Are you a relatively fun person?
Hellz Yea!!
If I wanna be!!
Occasionally, yea!!
Ummm... not really!!
6. Ok, respond to this: "Last question, byye!!"
See Ya!!

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Times Taken:2,317
Created on:9/7/2007 10:47:54 PM
Made by:bellabrizzle

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