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Anything is possible!
Do you believe?

1. Is it possible that you could die in 3 seconds?
Well DUH!!!!
No way that`s so impossible!
I don`t know. I can`t decide.
2. Is it possible that you are actually not alive right now and that everyone that you know is actually a robot?
YES!!!!!! SO POSSIBLE!!!!!
No way. How could I not be alive?
I can`t choose.
3. Is it possible that your not using a computer right now? Or a laptop? Or something in that catergory?
Mhm! YEP!!
Haha of course not!
I don`t know.
4. Is it possible that you could live forever?
Oh my gosh! NO WAY!!!!!
Hmm... I can`t decide...
5. Is it possible that if you jumped into water right now, that you could breathe in it? (and you don`t have any tecnology to help you - its just you)
That is impossible!
Hmm... I don`t know...
6. Say you got a splinter yesterday. Is it possible that the splinter was actually a snake?
How could it be a snake? That`s impossible!
?? I don`t know ??
7. Is it possible that bugs think exactly like we do and have strong thoughts and feelings?
No! All bugs think is: FOOD!!! ATTACKER!!! and some other stuff like that.
8. Could it be possible that this quiz is actually not over?
Yeah... even though it appears to be over.
No that`s impossible! It is obvious that this quiz is over DUH!!!
I dunno!

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Created on:5/16/2008 11:56:57 AM
Made by:indigo_aura

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