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What Anime Weapon Are You?
The anime weapon that best completes your battle style. (e)

1. What do you think is the best fighting attribute?
To be quick
You have to have superior knowledge!
Power, power and more power!!
Don`t make it complicated just zap the bugger!
Be mysterious and strike without warning!
Hit them before they even see you, duh.
Make the end painless.
Be graceful and end it with a show of superiority.
2. When you are about to finish off your opponent what do you say?
a blunt "boom..." then its done.
"May the gods have mercy on you."
"I told you I was the top dog around here."
"Were we go your remains shall never be discovered."
They die so fast I don`t have time to say anything!
My Victims are too far away to hear me say anything so I just keep quite.
"may you go swiftly to your doom."
3. Do you prefer to take your foe out from a distance?
4. Does death come swiftly to your opponents?
Much faster than they anticipate.
I like to play with them a bit first.
5. Do you wait to see the look on the faces of your victims before you kill them?
Only when I feel like it.
6. Is your attack sraight forward, or do you like to take your time?
I get things done and over with fast so I can hurry up and get back to better things.
I like to take things slow and enjoy the thrill.
7. What type of weapon do you WANT to have?
I like to blow through my obstacles with brute power.
If I can win with grace and beauty by my side what else is there?
I prefer to rip through my victims with several slashing flurries!
Can I use magic?
As long as it`s sharp I`m good to go.
A good fight always needs a little mystery!
8. Now, what weapon do YOU think best fits your style?
The Basic Gun
The Katana
The Scythe
The Trident
The Shuriken
The Dao (pretty much just a small katana)
The Fan (for people that like to have a good defense as well as a good offense)
The Bow and Arrow
The Wizard (yes I know this isn`t a weapon)

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Created on:9/30/2007 10:30:19 AM
Made by:Aileita

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