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What kind of Anime Vampire are you?
Let's see if you become your favorite cartoon vampire (e)

1. If the one you are companions with is endanger what would you do?
Leave them to die, they are after all and aquantince
Dart for them, and "accidentally" trip over your feet to knock the weapon out of the attackers hand
Charge in aimlessly and fight, keep fighting until the attacker is down, then drain his blood
Block the attackers hits as you charge over with you violen case while helping your friend
Bite your finger and slide it across your blade, then plunge your sword deep in groin of attacker
Turn into your form and kick @$$
2. What would you do if you and your companion grow hungry on the way? (and your stranded in a forest)
Let him/her have some of my blood, I hardly eat anyway
Drink the blood of your companion until they are dry and cold, like a little puppet
I don`t know, I would rather not drink their blood...even if the hunger kills me
Try to find food on the trees, after all there is such things as Berry Trees
What?! We have no food *stomach bubbles and growls what would i do 4 porridge with 18 lumps of sugar
Drink in some of my life source that way, no 1 will get injured or hurt by my hunger
3. Last Question, If you had a chance to kiss that companion when will it be?
I only do if my companion wishes to
Okay, sure long as they are HOT
uh...kiss? *falls on face*
.....Well, that`s kind up to them not me
A kiss maybe...in death! HA
Must resist

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Created on:11/28/2007 11:36:04 AM
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