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Anime Story part 3
Find out who loves you! Ryu or Kim?

1. "you know who I am?" asked Ryu (still at the garden)
cute puppy!! ^^
A famous guy at school?
Ryu... i guess...
2. Im a School Prince. That`s why every student know me. And I guess you still not know.
*blush* yaa... Im still not know...
You are not perfect to become a prince! (me: yeahh!)
Yes you right.
3. It`s too late. Come, (hold your hand). I`ll send you home.
sure,... *scream in heart!!!*
no, thanks..
no! I`ll not go home with you, sorry..
yes, what?
4. You said no, thanks. Ryu smile, kiss your cheek and said "see you tomorrow,"
*blush* o..ok... fine, see you..
5. You walked away to go home. Next to the road, you saw Kim staring at the stars. What would you do?
It`s too late. No time to meet him.
faster run and go at him
just look at him
go and said "hye"
6. He accidently saw you staring at him. He looks sad. He look away. You finally went at him and said "hye". He speak nothing.
Hey you!! I said hye!! you hear it??
*hold his hand and asked him to look at your face*
ermm.. you mad on me?
7. At last he look at you but look mad. He says " happy with your date?"
erm, you saw me with Ryu?
Of course, I have date with school prince ^^
no! im waiting for you!
8. He asked you to sit beside him. Then you sit. Kim says "Do you know who I am?"
your question same like Ryu..
Please tell me!
a lower guy?
9. "we are in the same class actually" ^^
you`re student? but why you didn`t wearing a school uniform?
10. "I didn`t wear a school uniform because I`ve caught by the teacher! you know why? I`ve put a chocolate cream at the principal`s chair, so when he sit, the chocolate really looks like a poo behind his back!"
*laugh* so funny!!
I guess i can imagine that!
poor the teacher...
11. hey, where do you live? I can send you home. It`s too late. It will be dangerous if you walked alone here...
no, thanks...
maybe i`ll go home with taxi
no way.. i can protect myself!
12. Tomorrow then you went to school. You heard something noise near the school gate. When you get close, you saw Ryu and Kim is fighting! what would you do?!
get closer and push Ryu away!
get closer and push Kim away!
get closer and push them away!
just standing there and watching them fight.
13. Ryu and Kim ask "Shizu! we need to know! Who you love more?! Tell me!"
fall down . *they fight for me??!*
14. let see who has fall in love with you now! ^^
okay! ^^

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