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Anime Story Part 2! ^^
Part 2 now is here...! ^^

1. The bells ringing loudly. It means you need to get ready for the next lesson. Ryu look frustrated but then he smile. He said " I`ll meet you later.. maybe after class."
Okay... (*why he wanna meet me?!)
*fall in love* .........
Yayy! we gonna meet again!
Sure. ^^
2. In the class, you doesn`t see the boy that watching you from the window. What do you do?
Pay attention to the teacher.
Frust then cry...
Don`t care... Im waiting for Ryu.
Keep watching out of the window. (hope that boy will be there)
3. After class, the door was open. Everybody look at a boy that was step into the class. 1...2...3...!!
What is it?? What is it?!
What that count for?
What next?
4. Everbody scream!!! The famous boy in the school step into 4-A class!!!
He is..... famous?? (me: yes!^^)
*join scream!!*
5. Ryu get closer to you and said "I have fall in love with you.. would you take my heart today.....and forever?"
But we have meet for a little while?
sorry... I have fall in love with another boy.. (me: who? the music boy?)
Ok... i guess.. (not confident)
Yayyy!! I love you too!!!
6. "I`ll meet you at the flower garden tonight" he said. (leaves and all of the girl staring at you with a mad face!)
I`ll come!
7. You went out from the school and walked to your house. But then, someone has pull your hand from your side! It was the boy with the music smiling at you! you said....
hey! what do you want?!!
Oh, it`s you...
At last I have meet you!
you`re the boy that watching me from the window right?
8. he said "my names Kim. You`re Shizu right?"
woahh.. you`re happy person don`t you?
how do you know my name?
yes I am.. ^^
9. "I know that you know me. but you can`t remember it. Anyway... I am your boyfriend when we`re 14. Im happy to know that you will study here."
Im proud Im your girlfriend... *cry* =`]
10. "I have remind you who I am so don`t forget it once again, okay?" he smile then slowly leave.
Don`t go!!
11. If your mind asking me why Kim didn`t wearing a school uniform, my answer is... you will know it in Part 3!! ^^ Thanks !
Oh man!
I dont really mind
you`re welcome.
Thanks for what?

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