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.Anime romance, Finale!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
So sorry! If 5 didn't appeal 2 u, I was in a joking mood then, this will be awesome, promise!!!!!

1. U r in the backyard tending roses remembering the first kiss, the first night....(with Peter of course)
Peter!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (Cries)
Y did I marry Jimmy!!!!!!!!!!!!
Y am I remembering Peter!!!!!!??????
2. Ginger and Ken are playing tag, u see them and think, "Y would I regret having my children? Look at that happy glow, I couldn`t give anything up for that....."
Of course not!
3. U hear *Thump* and a mysterious familiar (and attractive) man jumps into ur backyard holding some money!
YOU! YOU! YOU! Nooooooooo!
4. He stares at u in pain and then turns his attention to ur children, agony spreads across his face....
Poor Peter...
Pppppp...eter? No! Jimmy! I can`t hurt Jimmy. No. Or my kids.
5. U look into his deep blue eyes and he stares into yours, Ginger and Ken stare in shock and betrayal as u and Peter drift closer to each other...
*(Heart melts)*
Peter! *Cries*
No, this can`t be happening, it couldn`
6. You are only a lips distance away from each other as you sigh and look away...
Huh? What am I waiting for?
Peter! We can run away and be together forever!
7. Peter won`t take `no` for an answer, it`s been too long, he kissess u and a smug smile spreads across his face. U notice he has gotten a bit more muscular and fierce since u last saw him.
8. JImmy comes home into the backyard seeing u and peter in an embrace and the children unconcious....... (they fainted)
9. He shakes his head and pinches himself, nothing happens. He attacks Peter and he ducks and kicks Jimmy in the gut which sends him hurling into the wall....
10. U see Peter and Jimmy bleeding and covered with bruises then Peter and Jimmy grab weed hackers and decide to settle it all....
11. U twitch and wake up in a bed, a hospital bed.
I`m hungry!
12. "[ur name here] u were in a coma! Thank heavens u r alive!` ur mum says. Coma? What about Peter? Jimmy? Ken? Ginger?
13. U ask, "Where is Peter?" mum laughs, "Peter is probably an illusion ur mind created when u were in a coma."
I have to pay MONEY to get a choc bar? Isn`t there a `patients r free` policy or something?"
14. Tears spill over ur eyes and u look out the window onto the night sky. Sure enough, u see Peter staring back at u as a constellation.
15. Even though we are not together anymore and cannot touch or kiss each other, I will love u always, Peter.....

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