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What anime persoonality or look do you have? (girls)
what do you look like in anime

1. How would you explain yourself?
Who cares what I think of myself, and why do you need to know?!?
I think of myself only with him *sigh* we`re lovebirds. ^_^
I think of myself like a little teddy bear that I could cuddle anytime. :)
I`m a monkey jumping off the walls! WOOHOO TALK ABOUT A FULL HOUSE!
2. What would you say your peer status is (friends)
Not very many, One, Two, none. Does it really matter?
Why the hell should I tell you!
Only my one true love and maybe my closest friend. *sigh* She watches us cuddle...
I suppose I`m friends with everybody, It`s really easy to be, if your nice.
Who needs them! Maybe I have one good one, but that`s all I need.
Like TONS!!! Were ALWAYS hangin out and doing somethin wacky!
*Sigh* The same ones as before, never changing. I`m not sure if I can even call them friends.
Well, I know I love the anything living so it should love me back!
3. Rush Hour 2- Chris Tucker " What Did I Just Say" Jackie Chan " You Just Told Everyone to take out their samurai swords, and shave your butt!"
WTF! what`s dat suppose to mean?!?
I don`t understand the question????
I`m too busy thinking of him.... awwww
4. Do You Have Low Self-Esteem?
IDK! Why are you asking me this?!?
I don`t understand????
who cares
Too busy thinking
I think i have pretty good self esteem....I`m nice?
5. What do you think about the most?
MONEY!!!!!! WE CAN`T LIVE WITHOUT IT!!! ( it is a logic answer)
Idk, i don`t think it reaally matters
being nice to people. I want people to think I`m nice. I don`t wanna be mean to anyone.
These questions are driving me insane!!!!!
HIM <3
6. What`s most important to you?
nothing really
nature, animals, adventure!
dreaming, miracles, him :)
Having Fun! Anything, really. I like to go with the flow as long as it`s fast and loose!
7. What do you do with your spare time?
Bite my nails
Insult people! ( it`s so much fun to make fun of their hideous outfits XD)
Gaze into his eyes, cuddle under the moonlit sky, those sort of things....
Take walks alone, mostly think to myself. About life, or lack of it.
A tea party! My Imagination is a great virtue, I can always use it and nobody can take it away!
8. How often do you go out?
Why should I? Home is nice... I guess.
Camping every weekend and a hike every day! "out" Is a part of outdoors so all the time!
When I need food or another inspiration.
Him and I go out together all the time!
Out!!! I don`t even go home!! I just crash at the nearest friends house when I start to wobble!
If going out means to bars and stuff then never. It`s too dangerous!
Every night, Egging and T.P.ing that thug that asked me out the other night! *Spits*

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