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.What kind of anime person are you?
find out what anime peson you resemble

1. Whats your favorite color
2. What is your fav anime?
Mermaid melody
3. If someone was hurting someone, would you save them, if yes how?
yes, I would beat the heck out of them
I would get my bf to do it
I would be calm while i hurt them
no, i would walk away
4. If someone hit you, what would you do/say?
Hit them
Warn them not to
Tell them next time, justice will prevail
5. Did you like this quiz?
Yes i loved it (me: thankz it my first one)
no, i hateed it ( me:thats mean)
Yea :)
6. will you rate or comment?
I`ll rate( me: YAY)
I`ll comment (me: Yay)
I`ll do both (me- WHOO!)
neither (me: JACKED UP PERSON!
7. Bye-Bye!!!
Bye-Bye! here`s a cookie (me- yessss)
bye loser
Bye SasuxSaku24( me- bye!)
Cya!!I( me: bye!!)

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Times Taken:3,732
Created on:5/22/2009 8:24:21 PM
Made by:SasuxSaku24

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