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Anime Love
Anime love life.

1. You are her
2. Your dad died in war and your mom needs to go out of town
aww man
3. Your mom forces you to work at a country club
this is gay
oh well
4. Its your first day at work and you are on break.You walk outside into the huge garden and see an attractive guy standing by the fountain.
he is hot!!!!
5. You ask him if he is lost and he looks at you.You are dazed at his beauty.
6. he says "No. I`m fine" Then he asks you your name.You answer.." Rose".then he says your name is beautiful
thank you
dont be a kiss ass
7. Would you like to go for a walk
Are you out of your damn mind!!?!?!?!?
i guess
8. you are both walking and suddenly he stops. You stop as well.He turns toward you and leans in. Your heart is pounding as his lips touch yours.
What the hell!?!?!?!?!
9. You pull away slowly.He stares into your eyes. "I`m sorry"he says
"thats ok"
"you better be sorry!"
"Its fine"
10. "My name is james"he says
"its nice to meet you"
"I dont give a damn
11. James grabs your hand and takes you into his suite
oh lala
"Let go you little creep!"
12. He starts to undress you
oh my
oh yeah!
13. He lightly places you on the bed
dont touch me!!
14. he lightly climbs on top of you and starts making out with you
get off!!
oh yeah james!
15. Then........He goes ALL THE WAY (if you know what i mean)
eewww!!!!!get off!!!get off!!!!!!
Oh yeah james! thats the spot!
16. The next morning you find yourself in your house.
thats weird
thank god im home!!!
james!where are you?!
17. sorry it was so long. part 2 is coming soon

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Times Taken:4,323
Created on:6/25/2009 1:58:02 PM
Made by:animegirl96

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