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what anime girl are u
find out what anime girl you would be!!

1. how do you spend the weekend?
i love to go outdoors or play with my pets
go to the mall with my friends or go to the beach
i would read otherwise i would study for the up coming tests in school
freaking out because something went wrong
going to help the needy
2. favorite element
3. what would your dream boyfriend be like
cute and funny guy
a football quarterback
the emo/goth
the nicest guy ever
the smart guy
the sk8er
4. so you see your best friend kissing your boyfriend she says that he kissed her what do you do?
go over to boyfriend and try to make him feel as guilty as possible
slap him because my best friend wouldnt lie
stop being her friend my boyfriend is way more important
start crying and never come out of your room
5. will you rate/comment plezzzzzzzzzz!!!!!!!
ill do both
ill rate
ill comment

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Times Taken:3,467
Created on:12/20/2008 8:01:22 PM
Made by:kibarox

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