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What anime girl are you?
Find out what you'd be as an anime girl XD!

1. What is "Love" in your eyes?
Something that cannot be described
It doesn`t matter, as long as there`s making out
Love is... I don`t know, it`s just nice
Something hard for me to feel
2. What does emotions mean to you?
I don`t know
It`s who you are-duh
How should i know, I have none
3. What kind of boy do you like?
Doesn`t matter, as long as he`s hot
Someone kind
Someone cold, but woud protect me from harm
A nerd
4. What candy would you eat?
As long as it`s sweet, who cares?
Sour`s the best
something minty
Doesn`t matter, I hate candy
5. Books; What`re they all about?
Open books open minds
They`re a whole other world XD
6. What about Magic?
Life is Magic
Magic is in everyone
7. Did you like this quiz?
No it sucked

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Created on:5/17/2008 4:07:09 PM
Made by:nejiino4ever

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