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What anime girl are you?
Cute pics! (e)

1. srry but what is your fav. color?!?!
all colors
all dark colors
Bright cocorls all the way!
2. are you a social person?!?!
i have a lot of pals
not really
i have a few good friends
3. What color of clothing do most of your friends wear!?!?!
w/e they want
bright colors
4. what kinda cloths are in your closet?!?!?!
name brand
5. If you and your BEST friend got into a fist fight. What would you do?!?!
run and cry
refuse to fight and walk away
6. If your worst enemy died.But really isn`t and you were the only one that could save her. would you?
uh YEAH!!!
no I hate her GUTS!!
well i`m the one who killed her offcurse not
7. If a little girl was being picked on what would you do!?
go hit the people hurting her
yell stop and then run cause the people are bigger than you
just walk by like nothings happening
8. will you rate and comment[this isn`t ganna efect your score]
no way
depends on my putcome

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Created on:3/4/2008 6:22:39 PM
Made by:inulover27

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