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Which anime girl are you?
Find out how would you be in anime... (e)

1. Which is your favourite activity??
Go to parties
Study or read a book
Go to some place where you can be by yourself and relax
Hang out with your friends
2. Which is your favourite place to be?
In the forest, or some place where you can hide from everything
Your house
A disco
Wherever your friends are
3. How would you describe yourself?
Shy and mysterious
Responsible and careing person
Fun and outgoing
Friendly and joyfull
4. If you find a boy that is bleeding and is sitting in the floor, what would you do?
You are too shy at first, but then you help him out
You are too busy reading your book and don`t notice him
You help him out and go away
You help him and ask him if he wants to be your friend

About This Quiz
Times Taken:7,590
Created on:10/17/2007 6:59:39 PM
Made by:freeforme

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