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What anime do you belong in?
Do you know where you belong?

1. Oh no! A helpless person`s been attacked by some sort of weird robot monster! What are you going to do?
Unless there`s a profit in it for me, nothing.
Help them, of course!
Call the police!
2. How do you feel about the...supernatural...? 0.0
Part of my everyday life, really. Not much more to think about it
Oh! I find it rather frightening, to tell you the truth.
It`s weird, but I`m not afraid.
3. Do you have trouble with gangs?
Uh, no, I stay away from that sort of thing.
Yeah, some. It`s not my fault, though
More like a conspiracy, really.
4. Do you have special powers?
Yes, but I prefer to keep it under wraps.
No, just a lot of ammo.
Hell yeah, and I`m not afraid to use it!
Does businessperson power count?
5. Is your destiny already set for you?
Yes, and I`m fine with it.
No way! The only person in charge of destiny is yourself
Maybe... who can ever tell with that stuff?
Destiny is a mix of karma and luck! Its` threads are intertwined.
Beats me.
6. Do you have something other people want, and will do whatever it takes to get it?
Like money....?
Sadly yes, and it`s the cause of a lot of pain, in my opinion.
I think they`re just interested in who and what I am, not any object I have.
Not at all. I would gladly share anything I have with those who asked.
More like a person I have, not an object.
7. Finally, how`s your love life?
Almost nonexistent. I like someone, I guess, but I wouldn`t call it love.
Full of affection and romance! I know we`ll always be together.
Deep and meaningful, but we hardly ever have any physical affection with each other. Bummer!
I have love, but it`s going to take a lot for either of us to admit it. We go through a lot.

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