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What Anime Character Are You?
Pictures of anime characters and you see what one you are.

1. Who do you hang out with the most?
My boyfriend/girlfriend
Not really anybody
My friends
Anybody at all
The people I use
2. What do you do in your free time?
Read a book
Make people happy
Practice ways to use people
Hang out with your buds
Hang out with your boyfriend/girlfriend
Protect the ones you care for
3. People describe you as ________?
A nobody
A backstabber
4. What are you good at?
Nothing, really
Everything (Duh)
Self defense/fighting skills
Hiding my personality
Lying to others
5. Have you ever or curently had or have a boyfriend/girlfriend?
Heck yeah
Does a stalker count?!?
No, but I want to
I am too busy helping others to care about myself
Who would ever like me????
Eww, that is gross!!!
Before I ruined their life, yes.
6. Sorry it is so short, did you like it?
Yes, I wish it were longer.
I would rather kiss my boy/girlfriend (then why did you come this far?!?)
No, sorry
Heck no!!!!!!!
7. Will you rate and comment?
Rate only
Comment only
Depends on what I get

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Created on:4/8/2009 12:13:56 PM
Made by:rfacklam

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