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What kind of anime character are you?
Take this quiz and it will define your anime personality. ^^ Pictures included!

1. Someone cuts in front of you in the lunchline: What do you do?
Think of saying something to them, but you just let it slide. Who are they hurting?
Tell them it was your spot, and politely ask them if you can have it back.
Do nothing, but go home and sulk about it later.
Shove them out of the way and take your spot back. You were there first!
Use your charm to make them let you have your spot back. Undo a few buttons of your shirt and viola!
2. The boy you have a crush on just stopped you in the hallway! What do you say to him?
"Hey! What`s up? You look really cute today."
"Why are you talking to me? Are you playing games with me?"
"Move out of my way, I`m late for class!"
"Hey cutie, how`re you? Do you want to go out tonight?"
3. The first dance of the year is tonight, and you have to choose what to wear. What will it be?
Nothing fancy, probably just jeans and a t-shirt. You don`t want too much attention.
Something dazzling! A flashy dress and some glitzy jewelry will be just fine.
You don`t go to dances, everyone knows that.
Whatever will intimidate the other girls...and maybe some of the boys too.
Something that shows off your great body, of course!
4. Crap! You had so much fun at the dance that you forgot to do your homework...and it`s due today! What do you do?
Try to finish it, and if you can`t, apologize to the teacher and sit down, extremely embarassed.
Go into deep, deep detail about how much fun you had at the dance. The teacher will understand.
Burst into tears and tell your sad life story, even though it has no relevance to the homework.
Demand an extra day! Dance and homework on the same night? The principle was plotting...
Once again, use your charm! Even if the teacher is a heterosexual female...;D
5. Your crush has finally asked you out on a date and says you can choose where to go. Where do you go?
You reject his offer. You obviously aren`t good enough for him.
Take him to a dance-club and show off your amazing moves!
Take him to a sad romance so you have an excuse to cry.
Demand to know why he doesn`t know where to go. Is he THAT lazy?!
Take him to your house to..."study", hehe.

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