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What Anime Character Are you like?
See who your like!!

1. What is your favorite food?
Pocky duh!
Cakes...mmm im eating it now!!
It dont matter as longs as its food
Things that are asian...
Salty stuff, chips, ect.
2. Favorite Anime?
Attack on titan!!
Black Butler
Kamisama kiss
None of these....
3. Favorite Character
Nanami (kamisama kiss)
Kagami (Lucky star)
Light yagami (Death note)
None of these guys
4. Favorite song?
AoT Theme
Whats up people! (Death note theme)
Kamisama kiss theme
Sailor fudgea (Luckystar)
5. Last, Do you like, watch anime errydey?
errydey mahn errydey
not rly

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Created on:1/28/2016 5:42:31 AM
Made by:WebLover

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