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Which anime boy could u be compatible with?
Find out ur anime boyfriend! Giggle with embarassment when u see him! Hee hee!

1. Someone who u hate asks u on a date! So u.......
Get away FREAK!!!!!!
I`m so sorry... *frowns and possibly cries*
Er... Um.... No *rolls eyes*.
*Turn around and run away*
2. U could have a wish granted! What would it be?
For an aincent ninja sword!
For a true love!
For revenge on all the people who have hurt me!!!
To be brave and have the strength to stand up for myself.
3. ur fave flower?
Tiger lillies!
Pink tulips!
Anything black or purple.
Red roses.....
4. Ur dream honeymoon place is.......
Hmmm... I`ll let them choose.....
A 5 star hotel!
A dark mysterious and romantic place.
Paris in France.........
5. Ur fave colour?
6. ur fave `bed time` move is......
Really alive! Lots of movement+aggression like a tiger!!!!!
Start off soft and work ur way up! For example, start off at the neck and to the lips.
Well, hmm... Kissing neck and.....licking. (Weird but whatevs)
He`d be in charge of that part.
7. U get proposed to! What colour are the gems in the ring?
Red rubies!
Pink diamonds!
Purple rhinestones!
Clear diamonds or sapphires...
8. Ur fave food is..........
Apple pie! ("Wow that`s my fave 2, LOL")
I like veggies.....and fruit.........and an occasional snack...........

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