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What Anime Angel are you?
it has really awesome pics!! hope you like this!! (e)

1. What colour represtents you??
Black, Red and dark colours
Silver and Gold
pastels (baby grenn, baby pink, baby blue, and so on)
yellow and bright colours
White clean and pure
red and orange
pink and others
2. whats your favorite song tiltle, artist, band
hillary duff, jewel, veronicas,
Kelly Clarckson, Avril Lavigne
Delta Goodrom, Leona Lewis, plain white t`s
Gia Farrell, Maroon 5, Rhiana,
ricki lee, timberland, matchbox 20
song you normally listen on the radio
dont know yet, i like popular songs
Nelly Fertado, Nick Lashay, Jessica Simpson
Greenday, Good Charlotte, Linkin Park,
3. if you were an angel what will your specialality be??
i dont know yet
a weapon like a sword or something
element of water
element of ice
element of light
element of earth
hmmm, nothing much really
i dont know if i do have one or probalby i havent discovered it yet
a death stare, no, i mean literaly you can kill people in a instant (me:well thats not angel like)
4. this quiz took a long time to make so will you promise to comment and rate??
yeah sure
no way loser!!
sure i will
i would not not rate, tehehehhehe
i will comment but i will not rate
i will rate and not comment
............ whatever

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Created on:1/15/2008 9:44:09 PM
Made by:dango_rox

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