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What animatronic are you from fnaf 2?
toy chica, old chica, toy freddy, ya you know the rest.

1. How would you jumpscare?
I would just, ya know, jumpscare?
I usually jump when I do my jumpscare.
My jumpscare would be slow but scary!
I tend to attack from above.
Sit, stare, jumpscare (It rhymes!)
2. Who would you be in a band?
Lead singer!
Drumer/backup singer
I`m not in a band.
3. Where are you at a party?
Singing karaoke!
Eating the food!
Talking with my friends.
Doing my own thing.
Kind of sitting by myself...
4. Are you easily fooled by the mask that the guard wears?
Yes, it`s wierd
No not at all.
5. Who do you WANT to get?
Toy freddy
Old freddy
Toy bonnie
Old bonnie
Toy chica
Old chica
Golden freddy

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Created on:6/15/2015 6:44:58 PM
Made by:AlphaGirl8

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