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What animal would your soul be?
its a fun & awesome quiz! XD (e)

1. what are some of your hobbies?
im very creative. i love to do art poerty and/or writting
i like to swim or do other phyiscal things.
sports like soccer or basket ball
i like to run alot
lying around all day ZZzz...
2. would you be part of a life-threataning battle?
YES! i would fight! i know i`d win anyways
yes. to fight for what is right is important!
OMG! umm- maybe... :S
3. do you feel close to mother nature?
yes! of course! i love mother nature!!!
no! why would I care?!?!
4. how often are you nice towards other people?
totally ALL the time. =D
im usually nice but not if they are rude to me.
it depends on if they are cool or a lot like me.
never! >:l
5. what best describes you?
kind happy and fun-loving
caring loving and genorous
brave quick and open hearted
creative wise and pretty
quick smart and sneaky
courageous smart and loyal
6. (random) somebody comes to beat you up/threaten what do ya do?
ok-beat me up :D
beat the snot outta them!!! XD
kick them a few times then run to get help
scream for help
grab your chainsaw
7. how do you treat your friends?
very well! <333
fairly. we have our ups & downs-but HEY! we are always gonna be BBFs!!!
i stick up for them as if their lives depended on it!
pretty badly-hahaha-uh...
i have no friends
8. what do you watch that humours you?
funny faces or goofy stuff :P LOL
fun,gross,stupid, stuff.
cartoon/mild violence
death of anyone or anything!

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Created on:12/16/2007 4:09:36 PM
Made by:deadofnight

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