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What Animal Are you?
What animal are you? A cunning wolf? A fierce bear? A gentle panda? Find out in this quiz!

1. You see a wounded animal. What do you do?
Kill it! My pack needs prey.
Ignore it. I hate that kind of food.
To heavy. OOOH leaf! Must bring to colony.
Imma vegetarian.
Time to hunt!
I eat smaller prey.
Oh! I see a better prey to eat over there!
2. You find out that you have been betrayed. What do you do?
Track that traitor down and KILL!
Shrug it off. You don`t care.
Humiliate the traitor.
Hahaha! No-one dares betray me!
I`m to weak to get revenge. The traitor injured me.
I will kill ALL the traitor`s loved ones!
3. How do you hunt?
I stalk, ponce, and kill!
Who cares? As long as I get it!
I grab the leaf and chomp!
I pounce, jump, and pounce!
I look, swoop, and dive!
I grab the food and take it back to my colony.
4. Are you a loner, a follower, or both?
I don`t know
HAHAHAHAHA! I laugh cause it`s a stupid question. :D
5. What rank do you think you are?
second in command
The big, tough, strong loner.
Don`t know/care
The lowest of the low

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