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What animal are you?
I'm only doing certain animals...besides read the title

1. What is one of the best things about you?
I am usually a cheerful person
I am strong and loyal
Fun and creative
Smart and intelligent
Strong willed
2. What is a negative thing about you?
Pretty sneaky...better keep you hand on you wallet
I can become drunk with power and anger
Don`t really know...I stay at home and learn atuff
3. What kind of person do you think you are out of these?
Sly and sneaky..but fun to hang with
A loyal person...but just don`t push it
Moody...but also fun and creative
Smart intelligent...likes to learn
A leader
4. There is an army coming to kill you. What do you do?
I`m the sneaky assassin that silently kills
I am the strongest warrior leading everybody into battle
I`m the one who is a violent murder because I don`t want any one hurting the people I llove.
I`m the guy who plans out and learns the enemies moves and stuff.
I`m the leader
5. What sounds good to you right now?
Some to rig....or to just chill
Somethin to follow and order or somethin....or maybe I just want food
Food sounden pretty good.
A book
Somethin to lead
6. I`m out of questions.
Bout time
Uhhh ok
I swear if you don`t post another question ima rip you f*ckin head off!!
Bummer...but hey now I can get on with my life.
7. Rate and comment?
Sure why not
Ehh depends
screw you chubby ima eat you b*tch!!

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Created on:1/29/2012 10:48:16 PM
Made by:jokerboy6676

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