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What Animal Are You?
I don't know...once again.

1. When you`re in a public place, what do you find yourself often doing?
I like talking, so I start conversations with those around me.
I just enjoy the freedom of being out, not trapped at home.
I hang out alone. For some reason, people seem to be "intimidated" by me.
I keep my mind on what I`m doing, and what has to be done.
I keep to myself and try not to bother anyone else, out of respect.
I need my space, as I don`t really like the company of others.
Find my friends so we can goof off and have fun!
2. When you`re alone at home, what do you find yourself often doing?
I call my friends up so we can talk.
I invite one or two of my friends over, as I like the company.
I go out, to try and find something to do.
I work, clean, study, do something to keep myself busy.
I rest, watch t.v, and just relax.
I enjoy being alone. I don`t need others.
I goof off and do things that I usually don`t get to do.
3. How often do you sleep?
Sleep? What is this sleep you speak of? *eye twitch*
Not much. Why would I waste my day like that?
Very little, as I have other things to do. It would be nice to sleep a bit more though.
Only as much as I need to.
Often, probably a bit more than I need to.
I`m always sleeping. It`s better than listening to you blabber on.
I do sometimes, but there`s no fun in sleeping!
4. What kind of area would you enjoy living in?
Wherever I end up! I love travelling, and could adapt well to any atmosphere!
A city, where there`s a lot of people. Though I wouldn`t mind vacationing sometimes.
I find it hard to move on once I`ve established a firm place to live.
Deeply forested area, where I can be alone with my work, with no distractions.
A surburbian area, where I`m surrounded by friends, but it`s not overwhelming.
Open country, lots of space, few people.
Anywhere that entertains me!
5. Would you enjoy having a large family?
Perhaps, I`m sure I could benefit with a big family.
I think families are really important, because of their support and love.
Families are important...fine...but they get irritating sometimes.
I hate most people. I would love to live alone.
Not always, I don`t like a lot of chaos around me.
No way, I could never live in a busy household. I`d go insane!
Yes, tons of family, I would never get bored!
6. What are your general hobbies/interests?
Shopping, talking with friends, keeping in touch with people.
Sports or anything active.
I enjoy reading, writing, or drawing. Independent activities.
Anything busy, like building, constructing, or cleaning.
Relaxing with friends, nothing too busy, but something that amuses me.
Video games, t.v, computers.
I just invite a ton of friends over, where we have fun!
7. Do you have any close relationships with people?
I know/talk to tons of people, but only a few are close friends.
I have quite a few close friends. It`s great having people you can trust!
I only have a few close friends. I find it hard to trust people.
I`m almost completely solitary, and I like it this way.
I have people to do stuff with, but I`m too lazy to go out with them.
I don`t have a lot of close friends, only one or two. I don`t like getting close to people.
I have a great bunch of friends. They keep me from being bored!
8. Do you enjoy travelling?
Yes, I love exploring and learning new thing about different places.
I love the freedom of travelling. It helps my mind keep clear.
Rarely, I`m pretty attached to where I live.
I have no need to travel, I belong in my home.
Only if I`m forced to travel. Otherwise, I`m far too lazy.
Sometimes, it depends. I can be super picky.
Travelling is fun! There`s a whole new world of surprises for me to discover!
9. How do you react to a problem?
I run, and try to forget it.
I accept it and try to adjust to it.
I argue, but there`s nothing I can do to fix it.
Give it the finger...I`m too easy-going to care about problems.
Fight it! I`m pretty stubborn, and won`t give in to the problem.
I figure out my options, and choose the easy way out.
Laugh at it, and keep my spirits up. It`s just a problem!
10. When are you most active?
I`m active whenever a new situation comes around.
During the day, while I have lots of energy to do stuff.
At night, no time is better.
In the morning, as I prepare to work. I will rest when it`s all done.
Around lunchtime, because there`s food!
Active? Me? You`re kidding, right?
I find it hard to stop being active, there`s just too much fun stuff to do!
11. What do you want most out of life?
To see the world and experience new things.
Fame, freedom, and lots of friends. I want to be seen and heard.
Peace, I want to reach enlightenment within myself and the world around me.
Answers, I want to uncover the truth.
Devotion and love, I need contentment.
To survive life...it sucks, but I want to make it through.
To have fun and remain optimistic about things so that stress doesn`t kill me.

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