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What Type of Animal are You?
Ever wondered what animal you are most like? Take this quiz to find out!

1. What`s you`re favourite pass time?
Sleeping. :) *Snores as you have a quick 40 winks while it loads*
Reading a book. Its so relaxing.
Playing video games or watching t.v!
Hanging with my mates.
Being outside and playing sport or exercising.
Homework. *Notices you`re running behind on an exam coming at the end of next year*
2. If one of you`re good friends was really sad, what would you do?
Give them a hug to make them feel better, try to cheer them up and ask what was wrong. (Me: aww)
Ignore `em, I`m not the one who sorts out my friend`s issues.
Try to make them laugh! :D
If it was someone who made them sad I`d definitely confront them!
Try and take their mind off it by discussing school or something.
3. What`s your favourite holiday destination?
Somewhere outdoors with lots to do.
New Zealand or somewhere like that where you can do heaps of awesome activities like bungee jumping.
A resort or something where I can relax and catch up on some z`s.
Somewhere with lots of interesting culture and history like Egypt.
Some place with a lot of different food to try and experiment eat. *Drools at the thought.*
An African safari!
4. One Saturday morning you`re sleeping in after a long night what would be a thing that would make you instantly jump out of bed?
The scent of bacon and eggs cooking in the kitchen. Yum.
If I find out there is a MASSIVE sale at Angus & Robertson book store that only lasts one day!
The chance to go back to sleep?
If one of my siblings/friend/other family member cold ice in my bed. I`d have to get them back!
I hear about an awesome party/friends ring to invite me to somewhere like Jamberoo or Luna Park.
5. What`s your favourite subject at school?
English, history, geography, maths and science (all the core subjects)
The time we get to go home? :)
P.E. and fitness all the way!
The subjects my friends are in.
My electives obviously.
6. What`s one of your skills?
I can speed read like crazy! *Starts reading a book while waiting for loading screen*
Singing acting and/or dancing. (Me: its easier to put them together but not everyones good at all 3)
Computers and technology.
I give pretty good cuddles. :)
Working in a team.
Sporty stuff. *Begins exercising routine*
Making people laugh. Wanna hear a joke?
7. If you could label yourself anything, what would it be?
Emo... hehe...
Jock all the way.
Nerd and I`m proud of it!
The clown! WAHAHA!
Computer wizz! Gotta love `em.
Bookworm, can`t put them down when I get into one.
Group leader, sorry but I think it`s pretty obvious.
Group mommy, I can`t help but care about my friends.
8. How many friends do you think you have approximately?
Just a couple of close ones.
Not many, I stick to myself most of the time.
I`m friends with everyone! I`m not picky.
A pretty large group and good mates, but I`m friendly to everyone except idiots.
I have a group of really close friends. :)

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Created on:12/28/2009 3:37:18 AM
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