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What animal are you  quiz. Many q  s and it is aqurate so you won t have to worry about chaging one q  and it s completely different Make a quiz or personality test and send it to your friends! Quiz Search:
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What animal are you?
Many q.'s and it is aqurate so you won't have to worry about chaging one q. and it's completely different

1. What do you consider yourself?
very constructive
2. 2# What do you consider yourself?
small , alone
average size, protective of family
learns things quickly, likes to hang out with friends
dosen`t mind being alone, attacks if threatened
very friendly, plans ahead for future
3. Where would you live if you had the choice?
A savannah, lots of open land
a wintery place with many pines. so pretty
in a raninforest, full of life
by a swamp or river, calm and peaceful
anywhere`s. as long as your friends are there
4. Your favorite colours? (I would usually say don`t kill me, but I won`t this time... Bring it on! Just try it!)
White, silver, dark blue
orange, yellow, dark grey
dark brown, light brown, black
dark blue, dark green, earth colours
light green, light grey, light colours
5. What is your quality?
I`m quiet, making me able to sneak up on people
I am really fast, able to win in all the races
I am able to climb easily, keeping me in shape
I can build things and can swim really well
I love to talk to people, making me very sociable
6. What would you do when confronted by a more powerful enemy?
I`d go against him/her, even if I lose, I won`t be a coward
I`ll only do it, if it`s to save my friends/family
I`d run, because I`m just not large or strong enough
Play with their minds a bit before going into hiding, watching their face
I will slip away, keeping out of trouble
7. Are you very loving or caring?
sure... no
I guess *snickers*
if you bug me I`m not
8. Is following the leader your thing? (ha. I just said that stupid little game lol)
Yes. He/She knows best
Nah, I suriously don`t care. I`d rather kill him/her
I am a loner, never had a leader and never will
I stick with my family, they teach me right
I`m with my friends for now
9. Do you consider yourself shy?
a little bit
10. Do you like to have friends or do you prefer to be alone?
11. Do you like to have friends or do you prefer to be alone?
I like to be around friends
Nah, I would rather be alone
I`m a bit in between
12. Ok well ,that`s it for now. B esure to check out my other quizzes. Purely original (mostly, but I never copy, dont worry) and aqurate! See ya!
I`m bored now.
I`m gonna check your quizzes. Nothin` better to do.
I wanna go outside now. (random)

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