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Which animal are you?
This quiz tells you what awesome animal you are!

1. A person spills coke on your new 100 doller dress (not on purpose) What do you do?
Yell at her! How dare you!
Say sweetly, it`s fine!
Ask for an apology but then say it`s ok.
Sing: " It`s fine, it`s fine, but don`t do it next time!
2. A boy or girl asks you to dance. What do you do?
Say " Of course!"
Say yes, but then say you have to get punch.
Say Go away! Your so ugly!
Smile sweetly but decline.
3. You go out to lunch with your buddies. What should you get to eat?
Bread and butter. Your not that hungry anyway.
A steak dinner.
Chicken and Rice.
A burger and fries.

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Times Taken:2,109
Created on:4/2/2007 5:01:19 PM
Made by:Mia7

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