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What animal are you most like?
Find out what animal is most like you.

1. What is your favorite food?
Lettuce and Jelly Fish
Tuna Fish!
Berries, seeds, and crackers.
Sea food
Tasty foods!!!
Any type of Fish!!!
2. Where would you want to live?
In a nice cozy den.
In a bamboo forest.
A house in the plain lands.
On the beach.
In the safari.
In the city.
In the rain forest.
Near the board walk.
In a house.
On a bout.
3. What do you enjoy doing?
Sitting and watching t.v.
Chasing people!
Going to the beach.
Visiting the ZOO!
Adventuring out side!!!
Talking, (a lot)
Floating in the ocean.
Walking in the park!
Swimming in the ocean of any were!!!
4. What color is your hair?
Brown and golden
Reddish orange
I am bald.
Golden blond
I have highlights!!!
Rainbow hair!!!
Dark brown
I dyed it!

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Created on:1/6/2013 3:17:30 PM
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