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Which animal does your spirit most closely resemble  quiz. Which animal is similar to your personality  Which shares your thoughts and feelings  Which animal out of a bear  wolf  eagle  bunny  or dog do you share a similar spirit Make a quiz or personality test and send it to your friends! Quiz Search:
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Which animal does your spirit most closely resemble?
Which animal is similar to your personality? Which shares your thoughts and feelings? Which animal out of a bear, wolf, eagle, bunny, or dog do you share a similar spirit?

1. Your with your best friend, and she/he is introducing you to one of her friends. You`ve never met this person before. How do you react?
Act sweet and nice, give the person compliments, and find a new friend!
Start a lively conversation, then invite the person over at my house tonight.
Smile, but don`t say much. I`m pretty shy.
Insult the person, criticize, then either start a fight or walk away.
Look at the person, I won`t say anything. I approach my friends quite cautiosly.
2. Your rival is giving you terrible insults, and inside it is EXTREMELY killing you (not literally).
I`ll beat this person up. Oh, s/he`ll be SORRY!!!!!
Ignore it. I won`t let this thing get me down.
Give him/her a big smile. I`m happy and optomistic. It is hard to upset me.
I`ll just give the person an evil eye, then walk away.
Hey, I`ll just ignore it. I`ve got lots of plans today so I can`t waste time with combat.
3. Which of these these beautiful wonders do you like the most?
The bright, colorful sun with warm rays of welcome!!!
The moon - it has a mysterious glow of shine.
The blue beauty of the large, open sky.
A dense forest, with trickling creeks, tall trees, and green leaves.
Colorful confetti !! :-D
4. What`s your label? If you have a tie on some, just try your best to find one that`s the most accurate (I hate labels, but answer the question anyway).
The bully.
The kind and sweet one who helps pick up fallen books.
Skater dude.
5. Which is your favorite type of magic?
Wizard spells.
Magical worlds.
The magical experience of LOVE!!!!
Ghosts and psychic things.
Magic is stupid, it doens`t exist.
6. You have a huge problem. Things may not turn out good. How do you act?
Hey, I`m used to it...
Frown. :(
Smile. Be optomistic!! YEAH!!!
Hang with friends.
Have a fit.
7. Have you ever been told that you were wise beyond your years?
Yes, actually, many times.
A few times. Sorta.
No, but I think that I am wise beyond my years, perhaps.
What do you mean by `wise beyond years`?
8. Are you independent?
Hmm... sorta.
Yes. Very.
I don`t think so.
What does independent mean?
9. Are you myserious and secretive?
SO MUCH!!! No one understands me, nobody gets me.
Sort of. Possibly.
Not really...
10. Are you tough? Fierce?
I can be sometimes.
Not really.
11. Are you a party animal / social person?
HAHA... NO!!! Yeah, right!!
A little bit.
Yes! Woohoo!!
12. Do you make lots of jokes and make people laugh?
Yes!! Yess!!! Yesss!!
Pretty much. I`m loved by lots.
Mmm... not so much. I mean, kinda sure, but not really.
No I`m actually hated by lots.
13. OK now choose a COLOR!!!

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