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What animal describes your personality  quiz. Some people like to think of themselves as animals  Here s your chance to find which one you are Make a quiz or personality test and send it to your friends! Quiz Search:
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What animal describes your personality?
Some people like to think of themselves as animals. Here's your chance to find which one you are!

1. At school, you are assigned a project. The teacher says you can work in groups OR alone. You...
Would rather work with one or two people.
Jump at the chance to work with friends.
have already started working on your own.
Work by yourself, you would rather be alone to do this.
Were looking out the window and staring at the clock, waiting for scool to end.
2. It`s recess, and you see someone is hurt. You...
Don`t really know what to do, so you talk to a teacher.
Immediately go over to make them feel better.
Could care less. You don`t know them, you don`t care.
Ignore them, although secretly feel bad for them and wish you`d done something.
Didn`t notice. You were too distracted.
3. What do you do during recess?
Talk with a couple of close buds.
Play with my group of friends.
Study for tests, quizzes, all that kind.
Think about all the unanswered mysteries in the world and try to answer them.
Watch the other people play while listening to my friends.
4. When someone asks to sit with you at lunch, you...
Politely say yes. You don`t mind.
Smile and say yes. In fact, they can join you every lunchtime.
So long as they don`t bug you, you`re fine with it.
Don`t really care, nod your head.
Let them join you. It`s only fair.
5. What do you do if your friend talks behind your back?
Let it pass, but don`t trust them as much anymore.
Are very angry at them for a short period of time, then forgive them.
Don`t have friends who would do that anyway.
Don`t really mind, friends aren`t everything.
Are devastated. You won`t easily be able to forgive them.
6. Your teacher asks for your homework, which you didn`t do... You...
Start lying like crazy to defend yourself.
Explain the situation to the teacher. Hopefully they don`t mind...
Truthfully explain all that happened, and tell the teacher you`ll make it up.
Already told the teacher beforehand and told them you would do a make-up project.
Get freaked out and start lying, then confess.
7. You want to make new friends with someone, but you don`t think they would like you. You...
Act like a completely different person and befriend them as someone `else`.
Still try to be friends with them. Worth a shot, right?
Don`t care. Oh well, friends don`t matter too much.
Try talking to them alone and if they like you, fine.
Show them that you`re really worthwile to befriend. Maybe they`ll like you.
8. On a scale of 1-5, how would you rank the importance of friendship?
3, it matters to me.
5, its my LIFE.
1, I just don`t care.
2, it`s nice to have a friend, but it`s second to learning.
4, I like having friends, but hate it when they backstab me.
9. Your friends are hosting a party, but you need to finish your project, which is due tomorrow. What do you do?
Take your project TO the party, and work there with your friends. If it isn`t done you`ll lie.
Go to the party, and finish the work when you get home. If you have time...
Do the work. Parties aren`t your thing.
Do the work, and tell your friends you culdn`t come.
Go to your friend`s party, of course! Then explain to the teacher the next day you couldn`t do it.
10. Gym class! What are you best at?
Tennis, a nice two to four man game. Or dodgeball, with my evasive skill.
Soccer! A perfect team sport.
Manhunt. I can spot the players from a mile away...
I`m not so good at sports, but I am good at seeing the opponent`s weaknesss and using them to win.
Any kind of race.
11. Are you a better student or friend?
I`d say I`m neutral...good at school, but not the best, and same for friends.
Totally the best friend ever...not so much for school, but I`m okay.
A+ student. Enough said.
I get high A`s, but I`m not the best friend. I`m okay, though...
What is this school you speak of?
12. What`s your best trait?
I am kind to others, but give them the space they need.
My nurturing ability. Also, I`m a good listener.
My intelligence and mind.
My creativity and intelligence.
My curiosity and loyalty.
13. And your worst?
I lie so much and manipulate people a lot.
I get angry easily.
I am way too cold.
I hide my emotions.
I`m way too distracted.
14. What is your role in a group of friends?
The leader or advisor.
Definately the leader.
The...listener, although I`m a loner.
The quiet one.
The fun party animal.
15. And what would people label you?
The liar. Hands down.
Loner, obviously. Or nerd.
Nerd or geek.
Jock. Sports jock.

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