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Animal Attack Survival Quiz quiz. This is a true or false quiz determining if you ll survive against the creatures of the wild  Will you be superior or will you be a next meal Make a quiz or personality test and send it to your friends! Quiz Search:
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Animal Attack Survival Quiz
This is a true or false quiz determining if you'll survive against the creatures of the wild. Will you be superior or will you be a next meal?

1. You`re swimming in a pond when suddenly, you feel a sharp pain! It`s a Jellyfish! What should you do?
Ignore it. It`s not important.
Put a band aid on it.
Rinse it in vinegar.
Wash it off.
2. You`re hiking in the woods, when a bear jumps out and ready to attack! What do you do.
Wave your arms and make yourself bigger.
Run off. See ya bear!
Attack first. Come at me bruh!
3. You`re riding your bike when a stray dog jumps out of a bush, growling and running straight at you. What do you do?
Just keep pedaling and try to get away.
Squirt your water at it.
Get off your bike and use it as a shield.
Slow down and let the dog catch up. Then, kick it when it`s close enough.
4. You and your friend are playing ball and it lands in a bush. You reach in to grab it and you get bit by a snake! It`s red, black, and yellow. What is the rhyme to tell the difference between the venomous and harmless snake?
Red touch black, it`ll kill Jack. Red touches yellow, friend to a fellow.
Red touch black, safe for Jack. Red touches yellow, kills a fellow.
I have no clue!
There is no rhyme.
5. Your parents make you clean your garage. While sweeping, a Black Widow spider falls and bites you. What should you do.
Don`t worry about it. Nothing important.
Take it and use it to bite your parents for revenge.
Put a bandage on it.
Ice it.

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