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Angry Birds Movie Quiz
How much do you know about the newly released Angry Birds Movie.

1. Which bird is the main character?
2. Where is Red`s house?
In a tree
In The Villiage
The Beach
A Cave
3. Why does Red have to go to Anger Managements Classes?
He smashed a cake in another bird`s face
He was being wise to a cop
He broke into a bird`s house to get his house model back
4. How do the pigs come to the bird`s island?
They were there the whole time
By swimming
By airplane
By boat
5. What kind of party do the pigs throw?
A rock and roll party
A cowboy party
A fancy-ish party
A party on their ship
6. What did the pigs want the eggs for?
A feast
To be able to study how birds make eggs
7. Whois "the protector of the city"?
The Mighty Eagle
The Amazing Falcon
The Spectacular Hawk
8. How did the birds get to the pig`s island?
They catapulted
They built a boat of TNT
They flew
They swam
9. Who has a crush on Matilda
10. How does Red save the eggs?
By blowing up the building while taking cover in a giant golden pot
By trading the eggs for the pigs to stay on the island
By stealthily sneaking into the egg room and taking all of the eggs while the pigs were distracted
By breaking down the door and stealing the eggs while they trapped the pigs outside

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