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What angelic symbol are you  quiz. This is basically a role playing quiz  Hope you like it and I d appreciate it if you would comment or rate  Maybe both    e Make a quiz or personality test and send it to your friends! Quiz Search:
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What angelic symbol are you?
This is basically a role-playing quiz. Hope you like it and I'd appreciate it if you would comment or rate. Maybe both! (e)

1. You are lost, and you are walking down a road. It’s storming, and rain is pelting the street. The city is dark… and no one is out here. Suddenly you feel dizzy, and as you close your eyes, what do you see?
A werewolf. Its sharp claws try to knash at my skin.
A light. It`s grabbing me, pulling me in!
A mixture of hues, circling and forming intricate shapes.
Ghosts and spooky spirits, grabbing at me!
Laughter. I can`t describe it, but I see laughter.
Birds. Flying with freedom.
Nothing. Blackness... no, no! I see specks of shiny dots!
Fog. Nothing but fog.. and mist.
2. Before you can open your eyes, you get sucked up into the blackness. You are inside your dream! There is a field around you, with dragons and unicorns, flowers, and life… all kinds of life. You take a flower and sniff it. What does it smell like?
A good day
Sweet perfume
3. Before you can enjoy any more of this peace, the sky darkens. There is a vast amount of mist chasing all the mystical animals. Just before the mist topples over you, a purple dragon saves you and picks you up as he flies. How do you feel?
4. You and the violet dragon fly towards a cloud. Above the cloud it looks like there is a jewel... and the dragon won`t get his gaze of that jewel! What does the jewel look like?
Blue and sparkly
Green and shiny
Red and sparkly
Purple and sparkly
White and clear
Yellow and bright
Dark and black
Pink and sparkly
5. Wondering what the jewel is for, the dragon tells you telepathically to pick it up. You do. What does it feel like?
Soft and comforting
Hard and tough
Smooth yet solid
Rough and jaggedy
Soft and squishy
Tough, but soft
Nothin, I can`t feel it!
It feels like everything above
6. The dragon then tells you to say certain words. You say them, and when you finish, an orange ray shoots out and touches the mist, letting it dissapear right before it kills any creature. You feel...
... accomplishment
... proud
... relieved
... happy
... that peace has come
... joyful
... great
... unhappy
7. The dragon lets you down and peace is back to the world. You have time to just chill out. What do you do?
Slide over some rainbows
Run through the fields
Sniff the flowers
Sky-gaze, and wach the lovely clouds pass by
Talk to the creatures
Read my book by the tree
Take a swiim in the pond
Ride on my dragon
8. White fairies come out from underneath the pond and circles around you. When you open your eyes you are back at your home. You feel...
... relieved. Home sweet home!
... discouraged. I want more adventure!
... gosh I can`t decide!

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