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What kind of Angel are u?
angel of darkness, light, death, or life

1. Whats ur fav color?
2. Out of these options, which would u do?
kill someone
save a life
scare someone
entertain someone
3. U just witnessed a little boy`s death, u...
cry all ur tears out
laugh like a maniac
dont care
are the one who killed him
4. Someone is pointing a gun at u, u...
beg for ur life
kill him
tell him to shoot
try to take the gun
5. U taken the gun away from him, now u...
shoot him
try to scare
tell him go away
ask wat he is doing
call the cops
6. He tries to commit suicide, u...
try to stop him
let him
kill him yourself
7. He died now the cops think u are the killer, u...
try to explain things
go to jail
try to get away
kill them all
8. Now 50 years later u are on the verge of dying so u...
will die happily
just die
kill everybody
have one last time to laugh at all the evil things u`ve done
9. Now which angel do u think u are?
angel of death
angel of darkness
angel of life
angel of light

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Times Taken:3,796
Created on:8/25/2008 5:11:28 PM
Made by:lyl_azn_bboy

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