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What type of angel r u?
princess angel, dark angel, regular angel, royal angel, or good angel

1. Do u like playing video games where u kill people?
Eww no
Not really
2. What color would u say describes u?
royal purple
majestic colors like blue
3. What is your weakness?
The dark
4. If all the angels were in a battle, who do u think will win?
Dark angels
Princess angels
Regular angels
Good angels
All of them will die in a bloody battle
Eww who would want to fight u might break a nail
5. What would u do if u had to live in the clouds?
Try to escape by jumping or flying away cause i hate heights
Stay up there and live in the colorful clouds
Use my powers to make it storm and rain
6. What would u do if u had to fight a giant monster
Hide scaredly
Stand up to it
Protect my people and fight

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Created on:3/12/2011 9:19:27 AM
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