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what angel are you?

1. you come to a empty street. eveything aruond you is grey. there is no sing of life exept for you. youre thoght are:
i wish i could go home.......
i love darknesss......i can be by myself.....
where is the trick house?
this place is creeepy
2. suddenly you cant move. there is a dark figure before you. it says"the time has come, young one" what do you say?
time for what? oh will i get hut?
i think i can trick this guy into thinking something thats not true......
i like the black robe. but time for what exactly?
do you need help?
3. he says he will give you a weapon. a weapon to use on youre journey. what dose he give you?
a white shield
some trick knives
a black sword.
the power to heal myself.
4. suddenly you are teleported to a place where theres nothing but fire. before you is the devil himself. what do you say to him?
what are you going to do evil retard?
*mutters* this guys gonna be hard to trick.
you...you caused be this pain....... now im gonna break youre soul!!!! die!
please....please dont hurt meee!
5. you pull out youre weapon. he laughs at you and calls you pathetic. you can feel anger inside of you.what do you do?
say "hey dont call me that!" but dont charge.
trick him into turning aruond and then charge but cant kill him.
say"youre gonna die!" and charge and kill him instantly because hes weaker than you.
start cying and let him kill you.
6. then its just darkness. the dark figure is before you again. he says"ill take you home" and suddenly you jump up. youre in your bed. it was just a dream you say:
awwww man i wanted to fight more
glad thats over
that was the worst tricking ive ever done.....
why did i dream that? why?
7. what is your lifes goal?
to heal everyone.
to trick and be sly.
to gain pride,respect,and hounor.
to make friends.

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Created on:4/17/2008 7:51:43 PM
Made by:darkestblack

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