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What kind of angel are you?
I liked the other ones so i made my own

1. How do you feel about killing humans
Just a tragedy
I wish i could help them
Its a very good time
Its the worst thing that can happen
If god didnt stop it its ok
2. What do you think you were made to do?
I dont know and thats what i want to know
To help god
Who cares? what matters is WHAT I do
To reek havoc
3. Do you believe god has no care for you
Its what im begining to feel
God shall praise me for what i do for him
I think so but im not sure but right now that doesnt matter
Hmph as if I could care less his land shall be mine soon anyways
4. If you see a pocket with a $100 bill inside what would you do?
Give it back
buy something worth like $20 and then give it back
keep it finders keepers
5. How do you think the world will end?
Stupid humans killing themselves
God will end it
6. If you ran over somebody what would you do?
Cry and give them a grave
Cry and hope that their souls rest in peace
rob their dead body

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Created on:7/19/2008 1:15:27 AM
Made by:throg

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