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Which Angel Are You  quiz. im just bored  you dont have to comment if you dont want to but i would appreciate it Make a quiz or personality test and send it to your friends! Quiz Search:
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Which Angel Are You?
im just bored. you dont have to comment if you dont want to but i would appreciate it.

1. What Is Your Out Look On Life?
I Think Live Is Pointless For All Humans
Life Is Wonderful! We Take It For Granted Way To Much!
Life Is Full Of To Much Hate And Not Enough Love, And Im Here To Change That.
Life Is Full Of Wonder And Mystery. You Never Know What Will Happen Next.
Pffffff. I Live Forever. And All Humans Are Good For Is To Torcher. MWAHAHAHAHA(me: 0.o)
2. Would You Ever Kill A Person?
DUH! Thats What I Do For Entertainment!
Never Would I Kill Something That Love.
I Dont Want To, But Alas, It Is My Job
Never! All That Blood! Plus They Have A Right To Live To!
I Cant See Myself Harming Someone Without A Reason,So Only If They Gave Me A Reason To Kill Them.
3. Which Lyrics Sound Best?((( All MCR Lyrics)))
And If Your Heart Stops Beating, Ill Be There Wondering Did You Get What You Deserve?
Im Trying To Let You Know Just How Much You Mean To Me
None Of These
You Are Never Coming Home, Never Coming Home
Wheres Your Heart But Wheres Your Heart
4. Whats Your Favorite Color?(((bite me if you dont like it)))
ALL The Bright Colors!
Red,Deep Purple, Stuff Like That.
Navy Blue
Dark Colors
5. Favorite Place?
With Lots Of Peolpe And Animals!
Alone. Anywhere Alone. I Would Hate To Burdon Any One With My Presents.
Somewhere With Lots Of People To Hurt
With Everything I Love.
Someplace Secluded So I Can Practice And Get Even Stronger Than I Already Am!
6. Who Do You Love?
HAHAHAHAHA! Your Joking Right? I Hate Everyone!
Everything Close To Me
I Love Magic ^.^
I Cant Love Anylonger.

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Created on:7/18/2008 11:52:19 AM
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