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Are you a angel or a devil?
Take this quiz to see if you are a angel or a devil.

1. At night when your parents are sleeping, you go down to the kitchen and...
You eat everything in the kitchen there is.
...I would never even get out of bed at night!
You would make a racket and make sure everyone wakes up and sneek off back to bed.
Wash the plates up so it isn`t bothering mum in the morning.
2. What is your favourite colour?
Black as hell
Red as blood
La di da di da! skipping in the meadows, my one is bright colours!
Pink pink pink! give me pink candy! (me: you are such a greedy pig)
Blue as the sky!
3. A granny is crossing the road you...
Help her get across (granny: stop it! I can get across myself!)
Trip her over when crossing the road as well.
Walk by silently and attack her if she hits you with a cane.
Do nothing...
4. Your little sister wants to buy smarties but she doesn`t have money. You...
Give her some money to buy it.
Call her a pig.
Give her a dirty look.
Slap her for trying to get more sweets again.
5. You see the new girl being beaten up by some bullies, you...
Join the bullies
Tell the teacher
Beat up the bullies
Walk by and try not to get involved
Stand there and stare
6. Your brother wants help for his homework, you...
Tell him to do it himself
Help him
Do it for him
Yell at him to do it himself because he is dumb.
7. I hoped you enjoyed this quiz. Please rate comment and rate. (Does not effect score)
I so did NOT enjoy this! lame!
Loved it!
The best!
The worst!
This sucks!
I loved this!

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Times Taken:6,323
Created on:2/6/2013 4:39:22 PM
Made by:SarahBaby123

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