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.what kind of angel are you (for girls only)
just take the freakin quiz!!

1. what is your favorite color?
dark blue ,black anything dark
greens browns anything like that
blue pink indigo light fun colors
white light blue and airy colors
red black maroon anything like that
blue teal light green those kind of colors
gray brown tan dark green stuff like that
2. were would you live?
in a grave yard it makes me feel at home
in the woods in a hollowed out tree
in an old abandond house were i can be alone
up in the clouds were i can see whats happening
i flout all around i always know i can stay with any angel
in a cuve on the cliff side were i can be alone
deep in the woods next to my streem no mortal dare come that far in the woods
3. RP you see a little kid getting beet up in an ally what do you do?
fine ill save him if it gets bad ill see what he can do on his own first though
why would he whant my help i wouldn`t be able to do anything
that terrible ill go help right after i finish what im doing
ill stop right away no kid will get beat up when im around
ill make shure the kid doesnt get away he needs to have his own fights
ill help but i belive he can do this on his own
ill wait and watch whoknows mabey ill get a little show out of it
4. whats your favorite animal?
wolf there stroung shure creatures
dragon they show power
no animal i dont do well with a sidekick
all the animals they all are my freinds
owl there good animals with lots of knoledge
a dog there so cut and playfull
sea otter there gracefull and independent
5. last question did you like the quiz?
no me: meany
yes me: i like you
it depends on my answer me: thats fare
put your hands up or ill shoot me: you scare me SECURITY

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Created on:3/20/2008 9:34:49 AM
Made by:evrybdysfool

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