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What angel did you get visited by? (its fun, play this game)
its a game,play it.

1. game started: Your walking home on a rainy day, the clouds were dominate over the sky, you walk into the ally, the usual route home. then you see.....
A black figure standing before you on the ally concrete.
Moving autom leaves, but no wind, before you feel coldness on your skin.
a dancing or moving light in the cloudy sky, it makes you feel warm inside.
a sudden round of blackness then you hear screaming, slicing.
A bright light in the sky, you feel loved, and you smile.
2. The figure you see tells you "Its over" then right after she it says it, your eye sight becomes blurry and your surouned by whispers. You start to think, your thinking about.......
Randomly, your sins against God make them selves known, you start to cry.
Whats going on? You try to hear the whispers, but your hearing is muffled. and everything is numb.
The light figure in your head dances angain, moving in the light beeze, your confused.
your in pain suddenly, like your limbs are being torn.
The darkness was replaced by a blinding light. A beautiful figure comes forward to great you.
3. When the blackness was gone, a beautiful figure comes up to you, switly, gracfully, you stood there, while it came to you. "I am a angel but angel, can you guess what i am?"
Dark angel
Blind angel
Dancing angel
Grim reaper
Heavens gate keaper.

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Created on:11/27/2008 3:24:37 PM
Made by:metrogirl00

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